Roles for managing PEM

You can use the Login/Group Role dialog to allow a role with limited privileges to access PEM features such as the Audit Manager, Capacity Manager, or SQL Profiler. PEM pre-defined roles allow access to PEM functionality; roles that are assigned membership in these roles can access the associated feature.

Role dialog membership tab

When defining a user, use the Membership tab to specify the roles in which the new user is a member. The new user will share the privileges associated with each role in which it is a member. For a user to have access to PEM extended functionality, the role must be a member of the pem_user role and the pre-defined role that grants access to the feature. Use the Roles field to select pre-defined role names from a drop down list.

Check the checkbox to the right of the role name to allow administrative access to the functionality.

The SQL tab displays the SQL command that the server will execute when you click Save.

Role based membership example

The examples shown above creates a login role named acctg_clerk that will have access to the Audit Manager; the role can make unlimited connections to the server at any given time.

You can use PEM pre-defined roles to allow access to the functionality listed in the table below:

Value Parent Role Description
pem_super_admin   Role to manage/configure everything on Postgres Enteprise Manager.
pem_admin pem_super_admin Role for administration/management/configuration of all visible agents/servers, and monitored objects.
pem_config pem_admin Role for configuration management of Postgres Enterprise Manager.
pem_component pem_admin Role to run/execute all wizard/dialog based components.
pem_rest_api pem_admin Role to access the REST API.
pem_server_service_manager pem_admin Role for allowing to restart/reload the monitored database server (if server-id provided).
pem_manage_schedule_task pem_admin Role to configure the schedule tasks.
pem_manage_alert pem_admin Role for managing/configuring alerts, and its templates.
pem_config_alert pem_config, pem_manage_alert Role for configuring the alerts on any monitored objects.
pem_manage_probe pem_admin Role to create, update, delete the custom probes, and change custom probe configuration.
pem_config_probe pem_config, pem_manage_probe Role for probe configuration (history retention, execution frequency, enable/disble the probe) on all visible monitored objects.
pem_database_server_registration pem_admin Role to register a database server.
pem_comp_postgres_expert pem_component Role to run the Postgres Expert.
pem_comp_auto_discovery pem_component Role to run the Auto discovery of a database server dialog.
pem_comp_log_analysis_expert pem_component Role to run the Log Analysis Expert.
pem_comp_sqlprofiler pem_component Role to run the SQL Profiler.
pem_manage_efm pem_admin Role to manage Failover Manager functionalities.
pem_comp_capacity_manager pem_component Role to run the Capacity Manager.
pem_comp_log_manager pem_component Role to run the Log Manager.
pem_comp_audit_manager pem_component Role to run the Audit Manager.
pem_comp_package_deployment pem_component Role to run the Package Deployment Wizard.
pem_comp_streaming_replication pem_component Role to run the Streaming Replication Wizard.
pem_comp_tuning_wizard pem_component Role to run the Tuning Wizard.