What’s New

The following features have been added to Postgres Enterprise Manager 7.15:

  • Enhanced EDB Backup and Recovery Tool management: Support for two new configuration parameters archive_path and bart_socket_directory enhances PEM’s integration with BART 2.5.4.

  • Row Security Policy: You can now CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE, ENABLE, and disable row-level security policies for the database tables via the PEM Web Client.

  • Improved User Interface (UI) for Performance diagnostics tool: You can now see the number of active sessions at a sample time, and can also see a session’s wait event or CPU utilization at a specific sample time.

  • Improved the EDB Failover Manager (EFM) monitoring: PEM now provides the capability to monitor the xLogReceive parameter set by EFM.

  • Other features and changes include:

    • Added support to monitor PostgreSQL/EDB Postgres Advanced Server 13.

    • Added documentation explaining how the SNMP trap OID is generated by PEM.

    • Added support for schema level restriction.

    • Added RLS Policy support in the Schema Diff tool.