What’s New

The following features have been added to Postgres Enterprise Manager 7.16:

  • Enhanced BART Integration: You can now automate the cleanup of obselete backups, allow incremental backups from a parent backup in a tar.gz format, and manage the BART scanner via the PEM Console.

  • Enhanced EFM Integration: You can now perform cluster switchover and monitor cluster property values such as missingnodes, minimumstandbys and membershipcoordinators for a Failover Manager cluster via the PEM Console.

  • Auto discovery of server clusters on Debian Platforms: You can now quickly locate the database servers that reside on the monitored system.

  • Extended the REST API on alerts states for agents, servers and databases: PEM has now exposed endpoints to:

    • Current threshold alert violations

    • State change history on available alerts for agent, server, and database.

    • Current state of all agents and monitored servers

  • Other features and changes include:

    • You can use the same agent-id on agent registration using --force-registration, and regenerate the certificates.

    • Documentation now includes information about defining and monitoring postgres instances on AWS EC2 and RDS.

    • The Query Tool now provides SQL Formatter support.

    • The Query Tool toolbar now has a button to provide easy access to a new query tool window.

    • The modified Schema diff tool will now compare two databases instead of two schemas.

    • Added High Contrast (Beta) theme support.

    • A warning now alerts the user when connecting to a server version that is no longer supported.

    • The management user-interface for EDB Ark is no longer distributed with PEM.