What’s New

The following changes have been made to EDB Postgres Failover Manager to create version 3.9:

  • The prefix of the Failover Manager service name has changed. The new service name is edb-efm-3.9.

  • The use.replay.tiebreaker property specifies how Failover Manager determines which standby node will assume the role of master if two standby nodes have received the same amount of data.

  • The reconfigure.num.sync property specifies if Failover Manager will adjust the synchronous_standby_names parameter on the master node.

  • The following properties have been renamed; if you use the upgrade utility to upgrade your Failover Manager installation, they will be automatically updated:

    • pingServerCommand is now ping.server.command

    • pingServerIp is now ping.server.ip

    • virtualIp is now ``virtual.ip

    • virtualIp.interface is now virtual.ip.interface

    • virtualIp.prefix is now virtual.ip.prefix

    • virtualIp.single is now virtual.ip.single

    • db.recovery.dir is now db.data.dir

  • A new notification will alert you if you remove the only promotable standby from a replication scenario.