Overview of the Migration Portal Home Page

The Migration Portal home page provides quick access to migration tools.

migration portal home page

The Migration Portal home page.

The page allows access to the following Migration Portal features:

  1. Projects: The Projects panel displays a list of assessed projects.
  2. Create project: Use the Create project icon (the plus icon located to the right of the Projects label) to create a new project.
  3. Overview: The Overview panel provides details about the selected project and displays the compatibility percentage after schema assessment.
  4. Delete: Use the Delete button to delete a selected project.
  5. Export: Use the Export button to either download an Advanced Server compatible .sql file or to migrate a schema to an EDB Cloud Database Services cluster.
  6. Report: Use the Report button to view and download the schema assessment report.
  7. Upload DDL file: Use the Upload new schema button to upload a new or additional DDL file.
  8. Schemas: The Schemas panel displays the assessment result from an uploaded DDL file.
  9. Quick help: The Quick help panel contains all the help guides.
  10. Portal Wiki: The Portal Wiki displays product information and help guides.