Overview of the Migration Portal Projects Page

The Migration Portal Projects page provides detailed information about your migration.

project page overview

The Migration Portal Projects Page overview.

Use the following resources to gather information about your migration projects:

  1. Compatible: The Compatible panel displays a list of schemas and provides information (passed, failed, or repaired) about each object that has been assessed.

    Note: You can also filter the system repaired and manual repaired objects from the left panel of the Project page.

  2. Export: Use the Export icon (located to the right of the Compatible label) to either download the .sql file or to migrate the schema to an EDB Cloud Database Service cluster.

  3. Search: Use the Search icon to search for a project.

  4. Schema: The Schema panel displays the result of the assessment.

  5. Tooltip: Hover over a result set to display a tooltip with the number of passed, failed, and repaired objects.

  6. Quick help: The Quick help panel displays links to Knowledge base articles that can be used to fix failed objects.

  7. Search: Use the Search box to search the Knowledge base entries for information about repairing failed objects.

searching the knowledge base

Searching the Knowledge Base entry.