Schema Migration

After resolving errors in your schemas, you can use the schemas with a client application such as pgAdmin, ToadEdge, or PSQL client or migrate the schema to an EDB Cloud Database Service (CDS) cluster.

Please Note: For more information, about using Toad Edge with Advanced Server, see Toad Edge® for Postgres.

Deploying schema using PSQL or pgAdmin

Ensure that the assessed schema is 100% compatible on Migration Portal.

Perform the following steps to deploy schema using PSQL or pgAdmin:

  1. On the Project Page, select the required project.
  2. Click Export, to download the assessed file.
export the assessed file

Selecting download file option

  1. Click Download.
download assessed file

Downloading assessed file

  1. (For PSQL) Connect to desired Advanced Server using psql/edb-psql client and run the following command:
edb=# \i /exported_ddls_folder/hr_schema/ProjHR_hr.sql
  1. (For pgAdmin) Connect to desired database and click Open.
  2. Upload the schema and click Run.

The Advanced Server instance must be installed in Oracle Mode to enable native compatibility with key Oracle capabilities.

Migrating a Schema to a CDS cluster

Perform the following steps to migrate your database to a CDS cluster:

  1. On the Project page page, click Export.

  2. Select the Deploy to existing CDS cluster. Click here to launch new cluster option.

    For information about creating a new cluster, see Creating a Server Cluster.

migration portal image

Migrating database to CDS cluster.

  1. Click Next.
  2. Select the schemas you wish to migrate.
migration portal image

Select schemas for migration.

  1. Click Next to continue.
migration portal image

Provide connection details.

  1. Enter the following details in the Connection Details dialog:
  • Enter the host name or IP address in the Host name/address field.
  • Enter the port number in the Port field.
  • Enter the database name in the Maintenance database field.
  • Enter the user name in the Username field.
  • Enter the password associated with the user in the Password field.
migration portal image

Testing a successful connection.

  1. Click Test Connection to verify the connection details.

    Note: You can click Edit to make changes to the connection details and retest the connection details.

  2. Once the connection is successful, click Deploy.

  3. You can view the deployment details on the Deploy dialog; click Download Summary to download the deployment log.

A successful deployment

A successful deployment.

  1. Click Done to close the window.