Forming a Connection String

The OCL connector accepts both Oracle-style and Postgres-style connection URI’s. A connection string may take the following Oracle-style form:


or the following Postgres-style forms:


You can also use a Postgres-style URI to specify multiple host components (each with an optional port component) in a single URI. A multi-host connection string takes the form:



user is the name of the connecting user.

password is the password associated with the connecting user.

host is the host name or IP address to which you are connecting; to specify an IPV6 address, enclose the address in square brackets.

port is the port number to which you are connecting.

dbname is the name of the database with which you are connecting.

paramx=valuex pairs specify extra (application-specific) connection properties.

For example, each of the following connection strings establish a connection to the edb database on port 5444 of a system with an IP address of


For more information about using Postgres-style connection strings, please see the PostgreSQL core documentation, available at the EDB website.