Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are provided in pgAdmin to allow easy access to specific functions. Alternate shortcuts can be configured through File > Preferences if desired.˝

Main Browser Window

When using main browser window, the following keyboard shortcuts are available:

Shortcut for all platforms Function
Alt+Shift+F Open the File menu
Alt+Shift+O Open the Object menu
Alt+Shift+L Open the Tools menu
Alt+Shift+H Open the Help menu
Alt+Shift+B Focus the browser tree
Alt+Shift+[ Move tabbed panel backward
Alt+Shift+] Move tabbed panel forward
Alt+Shift+Q Open the Query Tool in the current database
Alt+Shift+V View Data in the selected table/view
Alt+Shift+C Open the context menu
Alt+Shift+N Create an object
Alt+Shift+E Edit object properties
Alt+Shift+D Delete the object
Alt+Shift+G Direct debugging

Dialog tab shortcuts

Use the shortcuts below to navigate the tabsets on dialogs:

Shortcut for all platforms Function
Control+Shift+[ Dialog tab backward
Control+Shift+] Dialog tab forward

SQL Editors

When using the syntax-highlighting SQL editors, the following shortcuts are available:

Shortcut (Windows/Linux) Shortcut (Mac) Function
Alt+Left Option+Left Move to the beginning of the line
Alt+Right Option+Right Move to the end of the line
Ctrl+Alt+Left Cmd+Option+Left Move left one word
Ctrl+Alt+Right Cmd+Option+Right Move right one word
Ctrl+/ Cmd+/ Comment selected code (Inline)
Ctrl+. Cmd+. Uncomment selected code (Inline)
Ctrl+Shift+/ Cmd+Shift+/ Comment/Uncomment code (Block)
Ctrl+A Cmd+A Select all
Ctrl+C Cmd+C Copy selected text to the clipboard
Ctrl+R Cmd+R Redo last edit un-done
Ctrl+V Cmd+V Paste text from the clipboard
Ctrl+Z Cmd+Z Undo last edit
Tab Tab Indent selected text
Shift+Tab Shift+Tab Un-indent selected text
Alt+G Alt+G Jump (to line:column)
Ctrl+Space Ctrl+Space Auto-complete
Ctrl+F Cmd+F Find
Ctrl+G Cmd+G Find next
Ctrl+Shift+G Cmd+Shift+G Find previous
Ctrl+Shift+F Cmd+Shift+F Replace

Query Tool

When using the Query Tool, the following shortcuts are available:

Shortcut (Windows/Linux) Shortcut (Mac) Function
F5 F5 Execute query
F7 F7 EXPLAIN query
Shift+F7 Shift+F7 EXPLAIN ANALYZE query
F8 F8 Execute query to CSV file
<accesskey> + o <accesskey> + o Open file
<accesskey> + s <accesskey> + s Save file
<accesskey> + n <accesskey> + n Find option drop down
<accesskey> + c <accesskey> + c Copy row(s)
<accesskey> + p <accesskey> + p Paste row(s)
<accesskey> + d <accesskey> + d Delete row(s)
<accesskey> + f <accesskey> + f Filter dialog
<accesskey> + i <accesskey> + i Filter options drop down
<accesskey> + r <accesskey> + r Row limit
<accesskey> + q <accesskey> + q Cancel query
<accesskey> + l <accesskey> + l Clear option drop down
<accesskey> + x <accesskey> + x Execute option drop down
<accesskey> + t <accesskey> + t Display connection status
<accesskey> + y <accesskey> + y Copy SQL on history panel


When using the Debugger, the following shortcuts are available:

Shortcut (Windows/Linux) Shortcut (Mac) Function
<accesskey> + i <accesskey> + i Step in
<accesskey> + o <accesskey> + o Step over
<accesskey> + c <accesskey> + c Continue/Restart
<accesskey> + t <accesskey> + t Toggle breakpoint
<accesskey> + x <accesskey> + x Clear all breakpoints
<accesskey> + s <accesskey> + s Stop
Alt + Shift + q Alt + Shift + q Enter or Edit values in Grid

Inner panel navigation

When using the Query Tool and Debugger, the following shortcuts are available for inner panel navigation:

Shortcut (Windows/Linux) Shortcut (Mac) Function
Alt + Shift + Right Arrow Alt + Shift + Right Arrow Move to next inner panel
Alt + Shift + Left Arrow Alt + Shift + Left Arrow Move to previous inner panel


<accesskey> is browser and platform dependant. The following table lists the default access keys for supported browsers.

  Windows Linux Mac
Internet Explorer Alt Alt  
Chrome Alt Alt Ctrl+Alt
Firefox Alt+Shift Alt+Shift Ctrl+Alt
Safari Alt   Ctrl+Alt