Version 3.0

Release date: 2018-03-22

This release contains a number of features and fixes reported since the release of pgAdmin4 2.1


Feature #1894 - Allow sorting when viewing/editing data
Feature #1978 - Add the ability to enable/disable UI animations
Feature #2895 - Add keyboard navigation options for the main browser windows
Feature #2896 - Add keyboard navigation in Query tool module via Tab/Shift-Tab key
Feature #2897 - Support keyboard navigation in the debugger
Feature #2898 - Support tab navigation in dialogs
Feature #2899 - Add configurable shortcut keys for various common options in the main window
Feature #2901 - Configurable shortcuts in the Debugger
Feature #2904 - Ensure clickable images/buttons have appropriate tooltips for screen readers
Feature #2950 - Add a marker (/pga4dash/) to the dashboard queries to allow them to be more easily filtered from server logs
Feature #2951 - Allow dashboard tables and charts to be enabled/disabled
Feature #3004 - Support server and database statistics on Greenplum
Feature #3036 - Display partitions in Greenplum
Feature #3044 - Display functions in Greenplum
Feature #3086 - Rewrite the runtime as a tray-based server which can launch a web browser
Feature #3097 - Support EXPLAIN on Greenplum
Feature #3098 - Unvendorize REACT so no longer required in our source tree
Feature #3107 - Hide tablespace node on GPDB
Feature #3140 - Add support for connecting using pg_service.conf files
Feature #3168 - Support for external tables in GPDB
Feature #3182 - Update Jasmine to v3
Feature #3184 - Add a French translation
Feature #3195 - Pass the service name to external processes
Feature #3246 - Update container build to use Alpine Linux and Gunicorn instead of CentOS/Apache
In addition, various changes were made for PEP8 compliance

Bug fixes

Bug #1173 - Add a comment to the existing node
Bug #1925 - Fix issue resizing column widths not resizable in Query Tool after first query
Bug #2104 - Runtime update display file version and copyright year under installers properties
Bug #2249 - Application no longer hangs after reload in runtime
Bug #2251 - Runtime fixed OSX html scroll direction ignored in MacOS setup
Bug #2309 - Allow text selection/copying from disabled CodeMirror instances
Bug #2480 - Runtime update fix to Context Menus on Mac that do not work
Bug #2578 - Runtime update fix to HTML access keys that don’t work
Bug #2581 - Fix keyboard shortcut for text selection
Bug #2677 - Update Elephant icon for pgAdmin4 on Windows
Bug #2776 - Fix unreadable font via Remote Desktop
Bug #2777 - Fix spacing issue on server tree
Bug #2783 - Runtime update fixed blank screen on Windows Desktop
Bug #2906 - Correct display issues on HiDPI screens
Bug #2961 - Issues when creating a pgAgent Schedule
Bug #2963 - Fix unicode handling in the external process tools and show the complete command in the process viewer
Bug #2980 - Copy text from the Query tool into the clipboard adds invisible characters
Bug #2981 - Support keyboard navigation in the debugger
Bug #2983 - Fix intermittent specified_version_number ValueError issue on restart
Bug #2985 - Fix drag and drop issues
Bug #2998 - Don’t listen on port 443 if TLS is not enabled when launching the container
Bug #3001 - Runtime update fix scrolling with mouse wheel on mac pgAdmin 4.2.1
Bug #3002 - Fix block indent/outdent with configurable width
Bug #3003 - Runtime update fix copy to clipboard
Bug #3005 - Runtime update fix unable to select tabs in pgAdmin 4.2.1
Bug #3013 - Fix a minor UI issue on dashboard while displaying subnode control in Backgrid
Bug #3014 - Fix validation of sequence parameters
Bug #3015 - Support Properties on Greenplum databases
Bug #3016 - Ensure debug messages are available in “messages” window when error occurs
Bug #3021 - Update scan and index scan EXPLAIN icons for greater clarity
Bug #3027 - Ensure we capture notices raised by queries
Bug #3031 - Runtime issue causing double and single quotes not to work
Bug #3039 - Runtime issue causing wrong row counts on count column
Bug #3042 - Runtime issue causing empty dialog box when refreshing
Bug #3043 - Runtime issue causing word sizing in macOS High Sierra
Bug #3045 - Runtime issue causing copy cells issues copying cells for key binding
Bug #3046 - Fix connection status indicator on IE/FF
Bug #3050 - Correct display of RE-SQL for partitioned tables in Greenplum
Bug #3052 - Don’t include sizes on primitive data types that shouldn’t have them when modifying columns
Bug #3054 - Ensure the user can use keyboard shortcuts after using button controls such as Cancel, Open and Save
Bug #3057 - Update the regression tests to fix issues with Python 3.5 and PG 9.2
Bug #3058 - Fix on-click handling of treeview nodes that wasn’t refreshing SQL/Dependencies/Dependents in some circumstances
Bug #3059 - Fix table statistics for Greenplum
Bug #3060 - Fix quoting of function names in RE-SQL
Bug #3066 - Ensure column names on indexes on views are properly quoted in RE-SQL
Bug #3067 - Prevent the filter dialog CodeMirror from overflowing onto the button bar of the dialog
Bug #3072 - Add a (configurable) limit to the number of pgAgent job history rows displayed on the statistics tab
Bug #3073 - Ensure the pgAgent job start/end time grid fields synchronise with the subnode control and validate correctly
Bug #3075 - Runtime issue causing Select, Update, and Insert script generation for a table fails to load
Bug #3077 - Remove dependency on standards_conforming_strings being enabled
Bug #3079 - Fix handling of tie/datetime array types when adding columns to a table
Bug #3080 - Fix alignment issues in keyboard shortcut options
Bug #3081 - Add missing reverse-engineered SQL header and drop statement for sequences
Bug #3090 - Ensure message severity is decoded when necessary by the driver
Bug #3094 - Ensure all messages are retrieved from the server in the Query Tool
Bug #3099 - Fix creation of tables and columns in GPDB
Bug #3105 - Ensure we can properly update rows with upper-case primary key columns
Bug #3135 - Insert rows correctly when a table has OIDs and a Primary Key in uppercase
Bug #3122 - Ensure SSL options are pushed down to external tools like pg_dump
Bug #3129 - Handle opening of non-UTF8 compatible files
Bug #3137 - Allow copying of SQL from the dashboard tables
Bug #3138 - Fix tablespace tests for Python 3.x
Bug #3150 - Fix function reserve SQL for GPDB
Bug #3157 - Fix unicode handling in the external process tools and show the complete command in the process viewer
Bug #3171 - Runtime issue causing inability to scroll in File Selector with trackpad on OSX
Bug #3176 - Disable function statistics on Greenplum
Bug #3180 - Ensure Indexes are displayed on PG 10 tables
Bug #3190 - Skip tests where appropriate on GPDB
Bug #3196 - Ensure the file manager properly escapes file & directory names
Bug #3197 - Appropriately set the cookie path
Bug #3200 - Ensure the host parameter is correctly pickup up from the service file
Bug #3219 - Update required ChromeDriver version for current versions of Chrome
Bug #3226 - Move the field error indicators in front of the affected fields so they don’t obscure spinners or drop downs etc.
Bug #3244 - Show more granular timing info in the query tool history panel
Bug #3248 - Ensure Alertify dialogues are modal to prevent them being closed by mis-click