Version 4.2

Release date: 2019-02-07

This release contains a number of fixes reported since the release of pgAdmin4 4.1

Bug fixes

Bug #3051 - Replace Bootstrap switch with Bootstrap4 toggle to improve the performance.
Bug #3272 - Replace the PyCrypto module with the cryptography module.
Bug #3453 - Fixed SQL for foreign table options.
Bug #3475 - Fixed execution time to show Hours part for long running queries in Query Tool.
Bug #3608 - Messages tab of Query Tool should be clear on subsequent execution of table/view using View/Edit Data.
Bug #3609 - Clear drop-down menu should be disabled for View/Edit Data.
Bug #3664 - Fixed Statistics panel hang issue for 1000+ tables.
Bug #3693 - Proper error should be thrown when server group is created with existing name.
Bug #3695 - Ensure long string should be wrap in alertify dialogs.
Bug #3697 - Ensure that output of the query should be displayed even if Data Output window is detached from the Query Tool.
Bug #3740 - Inline edbspl trigger functions should not be visible in Grant Wizard.
Bug #3774 - Proper SQL should be generated when create function with return type as custom type argument.
Bug #3800 - Ensure that database restriction of server dialog should work with special characters.
Bug #3811 - Ensure that Backup/Restore button should work on single click.
Bug #3837 - Fixed SQL for when clause while creating Trigger.
Bug #3838 - Proper SQL should be generated when creating/changing column with custom type argument.
Bug #3840 - Ensure that file format combo box value should be retained when hidden files checkbox is toggled.
Bug #3846 - Proper SQL should be generated when create procedure with custom type arguments.
Bug #3849 - Ensure that browser should warn before close or refresh.
Bug #3850 - Fixed EXEC script for procedures.
Bug #3853 - Proper SQL should be generated when create domain of type interval with precision.
Bug #3858 - Drop-down should be closed when click on any other toolbar button.
Bug #3862 - Fixed keyboard navigation for dialog tabs.
Bug #3865 - Increase frames splitter mouse hover area to make it easier to resize.
Bug #3871 - Fixed alignment of tree arrow icons for Internet Explorer.
Bug #3872 - Ensure object names in external process dialogues are properly escaped.
Bug #3891 - Correct order of Save and Cancel button for json/jsonb editing.
Bug #3897 - Data should be updated properly for FTS Configurations, FTS Dictionaries, FTS Parsers and FTS Templates.
Bug #3899 - Fixed unable to drop multiple Rules and Foreign Tables from properties tab.
Bug #3903 - Fixed Query Tool Initialization Error.
Bug #3908 - Fixed keyboard navigation for Select2 and Privilege cell in Backgrid.
Bug #3916 - Correct schema should be displayed in Materialized View dialog.
Bug #3927 - Fixed debugger issue for procedure inside package for EPAS servers.
Bug #3929 - Fix alignment of help messages in properties panels.
Bug #3932 - Fix alignment of submenu for Internet Explorer.
Bug #3935 - Ensure that grant wizard should list down functions for EPAS server running with no-redwood-compat mode.
Bug #3941 - Dashboard graph optimization.
Bug #3954 - Remove Python 2.6 code that’s now obsolete.
Bug #3955 - Expose the bind address in the Docker container via PGADMIN_BIND_ADDRESS.
Bug #3961 - Exclude HTTPExceptions from the all_exception_handler as they should be returned as-is.