Enterprise Architecture Setup Service

Enterprise Architecture Setup Service

Get started with a Postgres reference architecture based on best practices

An enterprise architecture from EDB accelerates the implementation of your Postgres solution by using a standards-based approach based on best practices. Avoid beginning a project without a full architecture and avoid the complexity and risk of building it out as you go. Take advantage of EDB's Postgres expertise with a reference architecture built on years of experience and well-defined best practices.

Key components of a Postgres enterprise architecture:


OLTP Infrastructure

  • ACID compliant
  • High performance
  • Scalable
  • Reliable

High Availability

  • Protect against hardware failure
  • Protect against software failure

Disaster Recovery

  • Protect against site failure
  • Protect against operator error

Data Integration

  • Integration with other line of business systems
  • Heterogeneous integration with Oracle, SQL Server, etc.

Monitoring and Management

  • Capacity planning
  • Event management and alerting

Monitoring and Management

  • Authentication and authorization
  • Encryption and data protection

Why use Postgres reference architecture from EDB?

The most effective data center implementations use a reference architecture to:

  • Accelerate the implementation of a solution
  • Lower operational costs
  • Build-in flexibility
  • Enhance performance
  • Lower complexity and reduce risk

EnterpriseDB is a recognized leader in operational database management systems, and is the leading worldwide provider of Postgres software and services. Our solution for an enterprise architecture is based on proven best practices from service delivery experts, and supports a wide range of enterprise deployments. Our comprehensive reference architecture for Postgres is modular, standards-based, and will have you set up for success.



Service for the right solution

When you purchase the Enterprise Architecture Setup Service, our experts will help you to quickly meet the standard requirements for a robust and reliable OLTP architecture, with the following activities:

  • Installation, configuration, and tuning of the master Postgres server instance
  • High availability solution set up with failover management and configuration of asynchronous streaming replication with 2 onsite replicas
  • Implementation of a complete disaster recovery plan with logical and physical backup and point in time recovery configuration, and set up of streaming replication with an off-site replica, all configured according to your backup and recovery policies defined in BART
  • Data integration with Oracle, SQL Server, or Postgres through configuration of single-master replication using xDB
  • Establish ongoing database management with configuration of 15 standard alerts with defined thresholds and multiple dashboards for monitoring, event management, and capacity planning in EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager
  • Implement pragmatic security controls for data protection and access management, including LDAP integration
  • Knowledge transfer of the full architecture solution and hand off of operational run book to your staff
  • Training on using the related tools for your top database administration activities

Designing the right environment, using the right tools

We provide a full suite of tools designed for large scale and mission critical enterprise performance, availability, scalability, security, and management.

Whether you are using PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server, the breadth of EDB’s products and the depth of our services for successfully integrating Postgres into the data center is unmatched.

To learn more about this service or how we can help you with a data center solution including Postgres, contact an Account Manager by using our online contact form.