EDB Backup and Recovery Tool

Simplify Postgres Backup

Managing Postgres backups is no longer a challenge with the EDB Backup and Recovery Tool (BART). A component of the EDB Postgres Platform, BART safeguards critical business data and enables trouble-free disaster recovery.


    Replaces error-prone scripting and manual tasks with simple commands


    System-wide catalog for backing up and restoring remote and local Postgres databases


    User-defined retention policies and point-in-time recovery

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Reliability and Efficiency

Manage backup and recovery tasks for multiple databases from a centralized location.

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The command line interface (CLI) provides options to integrate with Linux cron jobs and software automation.

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No Downtime

Backups can be taken online allowing clients to continue using the database.

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Continuous archiving allows restoration to a particular point in time or to a particular transaction ID.

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Cost Savings

Full and incremental backup, with compression, saving storage space and valuable time.