Postgres Enterprise Manager ®

Monitoring and management for enterprise Postgres

A comprehensive PostgreSQL admin tool for large scale Postgres deployments on-premises or in the cloud. Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM) is a component of the EDB Postgres Platform which streamlines tasks such as replication, drill down on alerts and creating/testing SQL.

PEM simplifies Postgres management by extending pgAdmin, the open source tool, with features such as:


    A single graphical UI (Postgres GUI)


    A rich set of APIs




    Wizards and Dashboards


    SQL editor and query builder


    Streaming replication

Screenshot of PEM

How PEM Works

Monitoring agents collect performance and status data from databases, the operating system, and jobs on the database host. PEM displays the resulting data in dashboards, analyzes it for alert conditions, and relays alerts to operators or to other enterprise-level management systems. PEM is more than a Postgres GUI, it allows DBAs and developers to work with databases directly, execute DDL and DML commands, tune queries, manage indexes, run backups, and deploy software updates.

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Profiling Workloads with SQL Profiler and Index Advisor

SQL Profiler traces SQL statements, troubleshooting and optimizing slow SQL queries, providing details including execution plan, duration, and cache hits. Index Advisor helps identify and create missing indexes for improved query performance.

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More than a dozen dashboards offer time-period zoom, drill-down chart data and graphs, and cross-hierarchy views to aid understanding and diagnosis. Or create custom dashboard views to suit specialized monitoring needs.

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Triggered by over 225 preconfigured probes, alerts can be based on pre-defined thresholds defined in alert templates, or on user-defined thresholds.

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SQL Editor and Graphical Query Builder

SQL Editor offers syntax highlighting, indentation, auto completion, macros, find-and-replace, and copying in a local editor or to and from a file. Graphical Query Builder helps developers write queries and ensures complicated queries with multiple joins are built correctly.

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Streaming Replication

PEM Streaming Replication Wizard easily creates or modifies a streaming replication scenario. Install new and configure existing servers as master and standby nodes.


Other Tools

EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager includes a large set of additional tools to optimize and customize your EDB Postgres installations. Among these are:

    Capacity Manager: Analyzes collected statistics to display an object’s usage statistics, both historical and anticipated. Tailor your report by choosing metrics, time range, and thresholds.
    Tuning Wizard: Reviews your Postgres or EDB Postgres Advanced Server installation and recommends configuration options to tune the installation to best suit its anticipated workload.
    Log Manager: Enables you to easily specify server log parameters for Postgres instances.
    Postgres Expert: Provides expert advice on how to best configure your Postgres servers for optimal performance, security, and more. With configuration, schema, and security modules, it serves as a PostgreSQL “DBA in a box” by analyzing your servers for deviations in best practices.