EDB Postgres Failover Manager

Fault-tolerant database clusters for PostgreSQL high availability.

EDB Postgres Failover Manager (EFM), a component of the EDB Postgres Platform, provides a redundant architecture with Postgres automatic failover to eliminate single points of failure and protect against system outages.

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Eliminate Costly Outages

Fault tolerant clustering technology protects against outages to achieve high availability PostgreSQL.

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Detect Failures Quickly and Reliably

Continuous health monitoring, to detect and automate the PostgreSQL failover to a replica if something goes wrong.

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Ensure Data Availability

Cluster monitoring, failure detection, and automatic Postgres failover mechanisms give you peace of mind.


EFM continuously monitors the members of a Postgres cluster to identify and verify database, machine, and network failures quickly and reliably to achieve high availability PostgreSQL. Thus giving DBAs and IT management the confidence that their data is safe and highly available to support their mission-critical applications.

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High Availability

Constantly monitor the health of streaming replication clusters. If something goes wrong, EFM automatically triggers a failover to minimize downtime.

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Zero Downtime for Maintenance

Switchover and switchback functionality allows you to move the master database server role to a replica while another server makes the database available to applications.

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Peace of Mind

Test failover scenarios and confirm you have the disaster recovery procedures you need. Also, with witness node architecture, avoid “split-brain” scenarios with multiple active masters.

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Tailor configurations to your needs—from reconnecting applications to the database as soon as possible to triggering custom scripts based on certain events.