Enterprise Readiness Service

Accelerate your implementation with a proven reference architecture and best practices.

Accelerate the implementation of your EDB Postgres solution with our Enterprise Readiness Service for EDB Postgres. The EDB Postgres reference architecture is built on years of experience and well-defined best practices. We will help you plan and deploy an optimized Postgres implementation with enterprise tools for a resilient data management environment, consistent with your needs and your resources.

We’ll partner with you to:


    Account for the requirements of your mission-critical production environment.


    Avoid the complexity and risk of building out as you go.


    Avoid deploying without a fully defined architecture.


    Achieve an environment that is highly available, scalable, and secure.

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Deploy a Complete Solution

Set your organization up for success with a complete EDB Postgres solution with Enterprise tools and processes.

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Performance and Security

Configure, protect, and tune your environment using a standard- based approach and best practices.

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High Availability

Protection against hardware or software failure with cluster health monitoring, node/database failure detection, and auto-failover management.

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Disaster Recovery

Support your backup, recovery, and data retention policies and protect against site failure or error with configuration of tools for backup and recovery management.

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Monitoring and Alerting

Enterprise monitoring and alerting with configuration of monitoring agents and specific probes, alerts, reports, and dashboards. Focus on the key metrics you require.

Develop A New Architecture or Tune Existing Infrastructure

Flexible to suit the needs of your infrastructure — we will help you plan your EDB Postgres architecture from the start, or review your existing architecture and assist to implement according to best practices — from Initiation through Post Workshop.

  • Initiation

    We’ll accomplish these 3 important steps at project initiation:


      Conduct a project kickoff


      Provide a service overview and a pre-defined task plan


      Review your current architecture and requirements

  • 5-Day Workshop

    We will conduct a comprehensive 5-day workshop that includes deliverables based on the EDB Postgres️ reference architecture and our well-defined best practices.

  • Post Workshop

    At the conclusion of our engagement, the EnterpriseDB team will conduct a web conference to review your Services Engagement Completion Report. The report will outline what we have configured and the specific parameters used. We will review this information in deep detail, and conduct a comprehensive knowledge transfer. Our goal is to set you up for success with the knowledge and tools to manage your EDB Postgres environment going forward.

  • Prerequisites to get Started

    EnterpriseDB®️ is committed to helping you achieve success developing and deploying Postgres solutions. We only need the following items completed in order to get started:

    Point of Contact: We want to partner with your team. We request that you assign a System Administrator(s) and Database Administrator(s) to assist during the services engagement.

    Technical Prerequisites: Prior to the engagement, our team will supply you a list of technical pre-requisites that are required to be in place before our consultant arrives on site to begin the service.


EDB is ready to help you accelerate the implementation of your EDB Postgres solution — so you can reduce your time to value and maximize your return on investment.