PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced open source object-relational database management system. It was developed by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group.

Horizontal Scalability in PostgreSQL 9.6
April 07, 2016
*/ PostgreSQL 9.6 is shaping up to be an impressive release, so I thought I'd try to summarise some of the big features and improvements that it will...
Construcción de documentos JSON de tablas relacionales
March 15, 2016
Adoption of document databases is growing rapidly in response to the need for solutions that can handle large volumes of data. These solutions are...
4 Steps to Using UUIDs with JPA in PostgreSQL
February 09, 2016
*/ Postgres supports a variety of data types that allow data architects to store their data consistently, enforce constraints through validation,...
User Tip: Postgres Plus 9.4 and Global Temporary Tables
October 21, 2015
EnterpriseDB (EDB) customers who moved/migrated their database from Oracle to EDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS) frequently ask for Global...
Postgres y cifrado de datos transparente (TDE)
13 de agosto de 2015
*/ Security has always been a great concern of Enterprises. Especially, if you have crucial information stored in the database, you would always...
Hadoop to Postgres – Bridging the Gap
February 20, 2015
*/ This blog was co-written by Ibrar Ahmed. Advances in Postgres in recent releases have opened up opportunities for expanding features that support...
First Rule in Securing Postgres: Don’t Be Dumb
February 12, 2015
*/ A very popular standalone NoSQL database solution came under criticism about their security posture this week. It’s not the kind of publicity a...
Monitoring approach for Streaming Replication with Hot Standby in PostgreSQL 9.3.
May 21, 2014
*/ The people using PostgreSQL and the Streaming Replication feature seem to ask many of the same questions: 1. How best to monitor Streaming...
List user privileges in PostgreSQL/PPAS 11
July 29, 2012
*/ PostgreSQL has some useful functions which can be used to know about the privilege of a user on a particular Database object. Those functions are...
Monitor CPU and MEMORY percentage used by each process in PostgreSQL/PPAS 9.1
July 23, 2012
*/ PostgreSQL has pg_stat_activity view which can be use to get the session details. This view gives following information: 1. datid: database OID 2...

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