PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced open source object-relational database management system. It was developed by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group.

Why You Should Use Postgres Over MySQL For Analytics Purpose
October 30, 2018
Being an analytics/reporting product company, we’ve worked with a fair amount of customers who run Postgres/Redshift for their analytics, and the...
The EDB Team Has Arrived at PGConf.EU 2018
24 de octubre de 2018
PostgreSQL Europe kicked off its 10th Annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe (PGConf.EU 2018) this week in Lisbon, Portugal and I’m thrilled to be...
Perspective on the Release of PostgreSQL 11
October 23, 2018
Looking back at recent releases of the PostgreSQL database it is interesting to speculate whether there is an overall theme and if you can tie it to...
Make Some Noise! PostgreSQL 11 is Here!
October 18, 2018
There is a lot of excitement around today’s release of PostgreSQL 11 – the big annual software update that represents the combined efforts of...
Moving Tablespaces in PostgreSQL
October 16, 2018
Tablespaces are designed to allow Postgres clusters to be spread across multiple storage devices. Create tablespace creates a symbolic link in the...
Client Row Access Control In PostgreSQL
October 08, 2018
Usually, the database administrator controls who can access database data. However, it is possible for clients to completely control who can access...
Parallelism and Partitioning - Improvements in Postgres 11
October 02, 2018
There have been a number of articles on the upcoming improvements in Postgres v11, including one by EnterpriseDB’s own Bruce Momjian . A couple of...
Autoprewarm: A New Functionality in pg_prewarm
September 25, 2018
Autoprewarm In PostgreSQL 11, a new functionality of autoprewarm has been added into the contrib module pg_prewarm . This automatically warms the...
Security Cryptographically Authenticated Rows in PostgreSQL
September 18, 2018
When storing data in the database, there is an assumption that you have to trust the database administrator to not modify data in the database. While...
Why Do We Install Software As Root ?
September 11, 2018
Why do we install as root? A couple of common questions I hear from customers (usually long-time users of a particular database from Redwood) via our...

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