PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced open source object-relational database management system. It was developed by the PostgreSQL Global Development Group.

Postgres 10 is a Milestone Reflecting the Vitality of this Open Source Community
November 02, 2017
The world in which PostgreSQL operates today is very different from its origins in 1986. Where once PostgreSQL might have been considered an academic...
Materialized Views and Foreign Data Wrappers
October 31, 2017
*/ You might know that Postgres supports materialized views and foreign data wrappers (fdw). Briefly, materialized views allow for queries to be...
Session State Failover
October 23, 2017
On the server side, high availability means having the ability to quickly failover to standby hardware, hopefully with no data loss. Failover...
Playing with IPv6
October 17, 2017
Now that everyone is using IPv6 ( ) it might be time to start playing with it. Postgres has had full IPv6 support for years, so Postgres is a good...
Odd Month Arithmetic
October 10, 2017
You might be aware of the interval data type, which allows mathematical operations on date, time, and timestamp values. This can lead to odd behavior...
Use with Time Zone
October 03, 2017
If you often use the timestamp data type, you might not be making full use of it. In these queries: CREATE TABLE tztest (x TIMESTAMP ); INSERT INTO...
PostgreSQL's Hash Indexes Are Now Cool
September 26, 2017
*/ Since I just committed the last pending patch to improve hash indexes to PostgreSQL 11, and since most of the improvements to hash indexes were...
PL/Java Adoption
September 19, 2017
PL/Java has been around since 2005, but it has regularly struggled to gain users. Unfortunately, a lot of these problems are specific to the Java...
When to Use Server-Side Logic
September 12, 2017
The use of server-side logic, particularly stored procedures, has been a highly contentious topic among database professionals for decades. The...
Which NoSQL Database for New Project?
31 de agosto de 2017
Oh, how I love the title of this 2014 Slashdot request, "Which NoSQL Database For New Project?" The user already knows the type of clients (iPhones...

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