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Telecommunications, publishing, broadcasting, and motion picture companies choose EDB Postgres

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EnterpriseDB is a trusted partner of the media and communication industry.

EDB Postgres helps media and communications organizations reach informed decisions faster and save money in a highly competitive market.EDB Postgres provides a cost effective alternative to more complex and costly data warehouses, data store, and reporting solutions. It lowers risk by providing additional security to meet high availability expectations.


    Deployed by major companies including AT&T, Bell Canada, and KT Corporation


    Powers reporting on customer engagement and analytics


    Integrates with Internet of Things applications

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Casos prácticos


Un operador inalámbrico de EE. UU. migra su base de datos Oracle de 100 TB a EDB Postgres en la primera iniciativa de open source


Una empresa de telefonía móvil recurre a EDB Postgres


KT Corporation impulsa los servicios de IoT con EDB Postgres