EDB Backup and Recovery Tool

EDB Backup and Recovery Tool

Backups are a critical but difficult job

Is your disaster recovery infrastructure up to best practice standards? Do you even have a plan? Database administrators today typically have to create complex scripts, manage backup file naming and storage, move files for recovery, create special recovery configuration files, manage file permissions, and clean up after every recovery event.

At its best, this complex set of tasks has many points of potential problems. At its worst, it may discourage DBAs from performing backups effectively—jeopardizing organizational data when a recovery is needed.

Database backup and recovery diagram for EDB Backup and Recovery Tool for Postgres

EDB BART simplifies backup

Based on best practices and built by the world leader in Postgres tools, EDB Backup and Recovery Tool (EDB BART) makes it simple and easy for database administrators to safeguard organizational data.

With a single command, DBAs can backup multiple Postgres databases distributed locally or remotely throughout the organization, automatically compress and name the backup, and store it in a centrally managed file system that makes status reports and retrieval a breeze. A simple command such as ./bart show-server will show the status of all database backups.

Features include:

  • Centralized Management: DBAs can manage backup and recovery tasks for multiple servers from a centralized host
  • Point In Time Recovery: Uses transaction log archiving to ‘roll forward’ to a point in time from the last base backup
  • Hot Physical Backups: Clients continue using the database with no downtime while you back up
  • Command Line User Interface: Integrates with your existing CRON jobs with powerful options
  • Backup Compression/Validation: Saves on backup storage space while also validating backup files
  • Tablespace Support: Ensures backups that contain multiple tablespaces can be restored onto different paths with ease
  • Retention Policies: Meet compliance needs with options for Recovery Window, Redundancy Copies, and tagged copies
  • Disk Space Checks: Ensure disk space is available before backups begin
  • Friendly Backup Names: Text and substitute parameters create easy-to-find backups

Powerful and timely recovery options

EDB BART also saves database administrators time in restoring data with the ability to restore to a specific timestamp. With a couple of simple database settings, BART can give you all the recovery options that an hourly incremental backup gives you. 

The BART catalog also centrally stores both your base backups and your continuously-archived Postgres WAL segments. This gives Postgres DBAs fine grained control over recovery timelines while making data restoration easy and trouble-free to perform.

Don't wait until it's too late! 

Discover how simple creating a professional backup and recovery infrastructure can be with EDB Backup and Recovery Tool. You can perform a full hot backup from a dedicated central DR server with a single command. Manage backup and recovery of remote servers at the same time from a central server. List, delete, and recover databases without trouble using simple catalog commands.

Don't risk the dangers of a downed server and an inadequate DR infrastructure—be proactive and professional with EDB Backup and Recovery Tool!