EDB Postgres Advanced Server for PureSystems

EDB Postgres Advanced Server for PureSystems


The EDB Postgres Advanced Server OVA, is a KVM based virtual machine in OVA format  and consists of the EDB Postgres Advanced Server relational database management system v9.1.2.2 on top of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux  v6.2. The OVA can be imported into IBM PureSystems using the IBM Systems Director VMControl™ import wizard.

Built upon the worlds most advanced open source database, PostgreSQL, EDB Postgres Advanced Server offers enterprise-grade relational database power at dramatically reduced TCO.  Key features include: Oracle compatibility, Enterprise monitoring, management and tuning from a GUI console, replication, virtual private database, and much more. Refer to the Advanced Server feature table or product pages for more information on EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

Hardware Requirements: IBM PureSystems

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