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Postgres Database In Cloud

EnterpriseDB’s cloud database service is hosted on AWS and is managed by Postgres experts with over a decade of experience building features and contributing to the Postgres Community.

Our support staff works around the clock so you don't have to! 24/7 support.


Opciones de base de datos


    Postgres Advanced Server de EDB

    La base de datos mejorada de EDB Postgres está diseñada para satisfacer las necesidades de la empresa.



    A fully tested and certified version of PostgreSQL.

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Reasons you should choose EnterpriseDB

  • Easy Administration


      Provision Cluster in Minutes


      Dashboard Insights


      Automated and On-Demand Scaling

  • More Control


      True Superuser Access


      Custom Plugin Support


      Postgresql.config tuning

  • Scaling Capabilities


      No cap on IOPS or Replicas


      Scale database up to 624 TB


      Standard SSD or EB Optimized Storage

  • Available & Secure


      Cross-region Availability


      Point-In-Time-Recover and Streaming WAL Logs.


      Encryption at rest and in transit

  • Super Support


      Support from PostgreSQL contributors


      Prompt Support for New Versions


      24/7 Email, Portal & Phone Support

  • Cost-Effective


      Run Oracle Compatible Postgres Advanced Server on Cloud Database service. EDB Postgres Advanced Server costs significantly less than Oracle’s public cloud offerings.




No storage charge up to 1 TB!

Basic Technical Support Included


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with Reserved Instances

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