EDB SQL/Protect

EDB SQL/Protect

Protect your Postgres data against multiple SQL virus injection techniques.

SQL/Protect is a module that allows a database administrator to protect Postgres databases from a variety of SQL injection attacks. SQL/Protect provides a DBA-managed layer of security in addition to normal database security policies by screening incoming queries for common SQL injection profiles. In addition, SQL/Protect can also be taught to accept learned 'friendly' queries and reject unfamiliar data request patterns.

Download the SQL/Protect data sheet here.

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Product Highlights

DBA Managed SQL Injection Protection

Preventing attacks is normally the responsibility of the application developer, but with SQL/Protect, DBAs can now provide another layer of protection to prevent corruption or co-opting of the database.

Multiple Prevention Techniques

  • Unauthorized Relations
  • Utility Commands (e.g. DDL)
  • SQL Tautology
  • Unbounded DML

Role Based Flexibility

You can have protected and non-protected roles each covering a whole class of individual users. Each role can be customized for the type of injection attacks that are monitored and rejected.

Postgres based databases, have long been known to be the most secure open source databases! SQL/Protect adds another powerful layer of security inside and under control of the data center.

How do I try SQL/Protect?

There are two ways to try SQL/Protect:

What else can SQL/Protect do?

Three Protection Levels

  • Learn mode teaches SQL/Protect the queries allowed for a role specific to your database application.
  • Passive mode issues warnings but doesn't stop queries for staging and testing purposes.
  • Active mode activates the SQL/Protect defenses and stops offending queries.

Attack Statistics

Once a role is running in active mode, SQL/Protect keeps track of each attempt of an attack. This allows you to review and analyze the frequency and type of attacks your database may be subjected to.

Installation is Easy and Fast!

SQL/Protect is already installed as part of Postgres Plus Advanced Server. In five minutes you can be configuring roles to be protected and well on your way to unmatched database security!

SQL/Protect works on Linux and Windows with:

  • EDB Postgres (Postgres Plus) Advanced Server version 9.5
  • PostgreSQL v9.x (and the Mac too)