How do I Move From Oracle® MySQL to PostgreSQL?

How Do I Move from Oracle® MySQL to PostgreSQL?


How do you go about evaluating and then making the move from Oracle's MySQL to Postgres? It's actually very easy and consists of a simple three-step process: Educate-Evaluate-Migrate.

The first step is to educate yourself about the business and technical benefits of using Postgres and EDB solutions. It won't take long to learn why making the move from Oracle's MySQL to Postgres and EDB is a smart decision. To help you, EDB supplies the following resources:

  • White Papers - you'll find plenty of great reasons to make the move to Postgres and EDB in the many white papers available on the EDB web site. Written by the experts at EDB, each paper details the technical capabilities of EDB Postgres Advanced Server and its Oracle compatibility features, as well as the business reasons why choosing EDB solutions makes good sense.
  • Webinars - see EDB solutions in action through on-demand webinars that show you why EDB Postgres Advanced Server is the leading technology where Oracle compatibility is concerned.
  • Training - there's no faster way to get up to speed on Postgres than through the professional training offered by EDB. You can learn from the privacy of your own office or attend an in-person class offered in your area.

Once you've educated yourself on the benefits that come from using EDB solutions, the second step is to evaluate EDB Postgres Advanced Server and see how well it works for you. The easiest ways to do this are:

  • Download EDB Postgres Advanced Server - downloading and installing EDB Postgres Advanced Server takes only 10-15 minutes. You'll be up and running in no time and can then start assessing what existing MySQL applications you want to move first to Postgres, or what new applications you want to begin with Postgres.
  • Compare Features In-Depth - Your evaluation will not be complete until you review the white paper: Postgres Welcomes MySQL Users.
  • Talk to Expert Consultants - Whether it's deciding on a new architecture, getting help with migration questions, or figuring out how to tune Postgres for optimal performance, professional consulting from EDB is available to help guide you every step of the way.

After you've finished your evaluation of EDB PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres Advanced Server, and have targeted the MySQL applications for your first move to Postgres, the next decision is to determine how to proceed. While database migrations are normally difficult procedures, EDB takes the pain out of the process with a database migration toolkit.

With EDB's Migration Toolkit, you can easily move your MySQL database (schema and data) over to EDB Postgres Advanced Server easily. This tool is bundled with EnterpriseDB's database subscriptions, and it migrates data from not only MySQL, but also from Oracle, Microsoft, and Sybase.

So the steps to practically making the move from Oracle's MySQL to Postgres are easy and simple to follow: Educate, Evaluate, and Migrate. For more information, contact an EDB account manager today or download Postgres software and get started now on your evaluation of EDB solutions.