The move to Open Source

The move to Open Source

Open source technologies have become a new priority for government agencies. The trend towards open source provides greater agility to respond to a changing environment, more flexibility to meet mission requirements and a nimble and responsive infrastructure. In the federal government, the Department of Defense has encouraged the use of open source software alongside other agencies, including the Consumer Financial Protection Board.

The open source database management system (DBMS) PostgreSQL has proven its worth in both the commercial and government space. Because it is vendor agnostic, PostgreSQL does not lock agencies into a proprietary system or single-vendor relationship. This eliminates the frustrating price increases that characterize many of the government’s existing DBMS systems.

By transitioning from a proprietary DBMS to PostgreSQL, agencies can significantly reduce their costs of operation, helping organizations to achieve budget targets or invest in new projects to improve mission performance. PostgreSQL also maintains a strong, vibrant and vendor-agnostic independent developer community, representing a tremendous asset to government agencies and ensuring the solution’s longevity.

EnterpriseDB builds on the open-source PostgreSQL platform to provide the commercial dependability, resources and support needed by government agencies to run their enterprise-class applications. When combined with the cost savings and the proven maturity of the open source PostgreSQL, EnterpriseDB delivers a compelling alternative to existing DBMSs.

For Oracle® Database Users

With EDB, Oracle users have an additional option, which is to migrate to EDB Postgres Advanced Server, a PostgreSQL-based solution that offers comprehensive database compatibility features together with migration tools and services. Read More...