DBaaS de la cloud pública EDB

EDB Public Cloud DBaaS

DBaaS de la cloud pública EDB

Facilita la adquisición y el rápido aprovisionamiento para los requisitos ad-hoc y excesivos de la base de datos con alta disponibilidad de clase empresarial, backup y recuperación ante desastres.

EDB Public Cloud DBaaS on AWS and GCP

  • EDB Public Cloud DBaaS on AWS
  • EDB Postgres on GCP

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EDB Public Cloud DBaaS on AWS and GCP

EDB Public Cloud DBaaS on AWS

With the click of a button and a credit card you can provision enterprise ready high availability clustered data base configurations including all the network, storage and compute required. EDB Postgres Plus Cloud Database (PPCD) provides a dev-ops oriented DBaaS framework for Amazon Web Services (AWS). PPCD deployments are highly available, have integrated disaster recovery, and self healing capabilities. Ark provides a simple GUI to control and manage deployments on AWS. PPCD is available via the Amazon marketplace or through a EDB Postgres Platform subscription. The solutions provides elastic storage and the ability to scale up your compute instances for variable workloads.
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We offer our Remote Database Administration (RDBA) service as an add-on for subscriptions of one month or more to provide our customers with additional services required to run more complex databases where they do not have staff to manage this.
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EDB Postgres on GCP

EDB Postgres is available on the Google Compute Platform. Customers can quickly initiate an EDB Postgres Advanced Server instance, make sure it is regularly backed up up using BART (link), can be tied into a high availability infrastructure using EFM (link), and monitored and managed using PEM (link). The database server is accessible via SSH to give the DBA access to root-level operations. DBAs can use a YUM repo to update the software on the Google virtual machine.
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