EDB Earns Top Marks Replacing Oracle on Campus

A major campus within a New England state university system has been on the forefront of a major trend now unfolding in enterprises worldwide – the migration of applications that don’t require specific database management capabilities of Oracle® onto less costly open source solutions such as EDB...

Mobile Phone Company Calls on EDB Postgres

One of EnterpriseDB’s largest customers is a major Asian mobile phone provider with tens of millions of subscribers. In 2010 the company evaluated the aging data infrastructure that supported subscriber information and determined it required a major upgrade.

Medical Imaging Provider Speeds Global Reviews With EDB Postgres

One of EnterpriseDB’s health care customers is a global service provider for technology-enhanced clinical trials. This customer delivers medical images such as X-rays; CT scans; and MRIs; as well as drug and test data to specialists  worldwide for review and evaluation. 

The company had...

ISAO Corporation Rebuilds Payment System with EDB Postgres


ISAO Corporation was founded in 1999 and became a subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation in 2010. The company develops different types of solutions to support digital content. This includes services planning and development; implementing payment processing systems for others; constructing and...

U.S. Defense Agency Finds Benefits to Oracle Migration

Agencies across the U.S. government have adopted EDB Postgres™ from EnterpriseDB® (EDB™). One of those agencies is critical to securing information for the nation’s defense initiatives and handles a wide range of data, and, in particular, considerable stores of geospatial information.

Van Genechten Expands IT and Controls Costs with EDB Postgres

With a tradition going back to 1834, the Van Genechten Group is one of Belgium’s most successful privately owned companies. Its Packaging Division is one of Europe’s leading vendors of premium packaging products with production sites in seven countries.

Genscape Manages Massive Data Volumes

Genscape Logo

Genscape is a leading global provider of energy information for commodity and financial markets. Utilizing patented technologies and proprietary algorithms, Genscape provides accurate & timely data on capacities, flow and utilization for all major energy commodities. The product range...

EDB Postgres Improves Resilience by 92% for London Tunnel Monitoring System


Highway monitoring solutions provider Costain (formerly Simulation Systems Limited) was building a new system to support vehicular traffic surveillance cameras that monitor tunnels throughout London. Transport for London required constant monitoring capabilities in the tunnels to ensure safety....

KT Corporation Powers IoT Services with EDB Postgres


A successful proof of concept for one application led to the widespread deployment of the EDB Postgres™ Platform from EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) at KT Corporation, South Korea’s largest telephone services and broadband provider. EDB Postgres processed 30,000 orders for a new iPhone in...