Architectural Health Check

Architectural Health Check

Performance, Growth, Backup and Recovery – Keeping you up at night?

The EDB Architectural Health Check includes a three-day, detailed review of your EDB Postgres Advanced Server or PostgreSQL database instances. During the Health Check, we do a detailed review of your database environment and understand the current and planned operations of your database system and business application. This serves as a firm base to generate recommendations to improve the database system’s performance, and ensure a robust and healthy business application with a structure capable of scaling beyond current requirements.

View our short video, Architectural Health Check Service, to learn how EDB’s Architectural Health Check evaluates Postgres database environments, identifies problems, and provides quick fixes to ensure optimal configuration and tuning.

The Architectural Health Check delivers a set of specific and actionable high-impact recommendations you can use to optimally configured and tune your system.

Please note: This service is provided only on General Availability versions of Postgres.

This popular packaged service includes:

  • Analysis of database activity
  • Architectural analysis
    • Indexes
    • Clusters
    • Schemas
    • Table space
  • Parameter tuning (OS level and database level)
  • Query tuning - indentify poorly performing queries
  • Backup strategy and disaster recovery planning 
  • Vacuum analyze strategy 
  • Hardware and OS configuration analysis
  • Partitioning review 
  • Security review 
  • Best practices 

Why does your system need a check up?

Times Have Changed

Most large-scale deployments are on servers with multiple CPUs, multiple cores per CPU, and gigabytes of memory and terabytes of disk. Your configuration may no longer reflect the resources available to the database, its usage pattern may have changed, and/or performance may not be as optimal as it once was.

Growth Happens

Additionally, the amount of data stored grows (sometimes at exponential rates), different applications access the data in different ways, and the number of users, and hence connections, grows. The result is that initial tuned configurations lag far behind the current requirements of the enterprise, or won't support future rapid growth.

We've Been There Before

EDB has years of experience tuning production databases. We have core Postgres developers on staff who make significant contributions to the project in each release, and many of our largest contributions have been specifically in the areas of database performance. Your organization can take advantage of this expertise in a well-defined solution package, and experience significant performance and throughput advantages.

"I am totally confident every time I have to call EDB for support.
I know that they are going to help me find a solution for what I need, and the
Architectural Health Check that they took us through was a great experience.”

 – Rick Meijer, DBA, Advantec

"Thanks to EDB's Architectural Health Check, our applications
run much faster and our database environment is now rock solid."

 – Director of Database Services, U.S. Media Company

Save Time and Headaches

This package is based on years of production tuning experience and a deep familiarity with the database internals. Avoid wasted time with the traditional "change it and see what happens" methodology.

Download the Architectural Health Check data sheet