High Availability Setup Service with Red Hat Cluster Suite

High Availability Setup Service with Red Hat Cluster Suite

What is your High Availability (HA) plan?

Running a single instance of your database server and performing regular backups? Are your users frustrated with down time scheduled for hardware upgrades, configuration changes, or software upgrades requiring a reboot? Are power outages and hardware failure part of your HA planning?

No one wants interruptions from down time whether it is scheduled or unscheduled and it can cost your business plenty. Users, customers and business partners in today’s round the clock usage cycles need access to data 24x7x365. A High Availability setup using Red Hat Cluster Suite (RHCS) can help you achieve your HA goals.

Red Hat Cluster Suite and PostgreSQL Databases

Red Hat Cluster Suite (RHCS) in an enterprise level Open Source clustering solution, which is also commercially supported by Red Hat. PostgreSQL is supported in RHCS. Using RHCS along with PostgreSQL, EDB offers the following options:

  • Active / passive clustering on shared storage for at least two servers (One active and at least one passive node).
  • If the application supports sharding or can support sharding, EnterpriseDB can setup a cluster with up to 16 active nodes to share data.

Please note: This service is provided only on General Availability versions of Postgres.

When you purchase the High Availability Setup Service with Red Hat Cluster Suite packaged service, our experts will show you how to create failover/standby capabilities with the following activities:

  • Identification of candidate databases for clustering
  • Identification of hardware for clustering
  • Analysis of uptime requirements and data latency
  • Implementation of clustering
  • Testing of clustering
  • Staff education on clustering
  • Knowledge transfer of the clustering solution to your staff

Designing a Clustering Environment

There are several important points before setting up a PostgreSQL Cluster on Red Hat Cluster Suite, like choosing right hardware and software components. EDB assists you in making the optimal hardware and software choices for these setups.

A Team Building Exercise

We will work closely with your staff to ensure that the clustering strategy meets your organization's needs. Our work includes the initial analysis, solution design, implementation, and testing. EDB staff will also educate your DBAs and developers on maintaining and developing applications in a clustering environment.

Our Knowledge Is Your Gain

EDB will also teach your DBAs the correct administration and maintenance practices for clustering. This includes adding new cluster nodes, starting and stopping cluster, failing over from active node to passive node, graceful switchover, and maintaining upgrades easily. 

Customized Tools

We will also develop utilities to manage and maintain your cluster, automating manual processes to ensure a consistent procedural approach that reduces overhead and errors.

To order this packaged service, contact an Account Manager by using our online contact form.

Download the High Availability with Red Hat Cluster Suite data sheet here