Enterprise Database

Enterprise databases are specifically designed to operate at scale and support high availability, monitoring, disaster recovery and manageability.

Suivre le rythme fulgurant du développement des applications modernes
01 août 2017
In my role, I frequently talk to organizations about their top priorities for their software applications. Time and again, speed to market wins the...Read more
Walled Gardens or Beautiful Fields: A Model to Become Truly Digital
July 18, 2017
Think about the old days. Infrastructure software was deployed and managed on a “per server” basis. Later that moved to the socket, and then to the...Read more
Opening Day for Postgres Vision 2017
June 28, 2017
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Advanced Retention Management for Postgres Backups
June 21, 2017
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Postgres Vision Training Day at MIT Ends with Certification
May 26, 2017
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Cheat Sheet: Configuring Streaming Postgres Synchronous Replication
May 10, 2017
*/ (This blog was co-written by Sunil Narain.) Streaming replication in PostgreSQL can be asynchronous or synchronous. The Postgres synchronous...Read more
Optimiser le traitement du Big Data dans Postgres avec Apache Spark
March 02, 2017
*/ Postgres plays a central role in today’s integrated data center. A powerful feature called a Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW) in Postgres supports data...Read more
Les CRUD de JSON dans PostgreSQL
April 07, 2016
*/ Today’s connected enterprise requires a single database that can handle both structured and unstructured data efficiently and that adapts...Read more
Postgres et le chiffrement transparent des données
13 août 2015
*/ Security has always been a great concern of Enterprises. Especially, if you have crucial information stored in the database, you would always...Read more
Momentous Day for Oracle Database Customers? Not Likely!
10 août 2015
A report in The Register claims Oracle is announcing new licensing terms – a Perpetual User License Agreement (PULA). According to the report, the...Read more