How DBAs Can Survive and Thrive in a World of Agile Development

Ken Rugg May 1, 2019

DBAs: Become a Data Performance Pro

In the days of cloud computing and agile development, it might seem that being a DBA is somewhat less appealing as a career choice. However, the role of DBA is changing; it is not going away. In fact, it is becoming even more important. That said, if DBAs are to explain their value to the rest of the business, they must be seen as more than the company’s data librarians. Rather than belonging in a musty old library, DBAs should be responsible for creating the foundations to turn their organizations into high-performance businesses fit for the digital era. This means addressing a number of technical requirements, but above all, it boils down to how fast an organization can use its data to gain business-impacting insights. To achieve this, DBAs must retool their query optimizing skills to become data performance pros!

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Ken Rugg

Ken Rugg is EDB's Chief Product and Strategy Officer and is charged with leading the company's product and strategic vision. Prior to joining EDB, Ken was the founder and CEO of Tesora. The Tesora DBaaS Platform, based on OpenStack Trove, let enterprises provide self-service database provisioning and full lifecycle management to their developers across 16 different databases, including Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Cassandra and others.

Before founding Tesora, Ken served as Senior Vice President and General Manager for Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) of Progress Software which was comprised of a number of enterprise infrastructure product lines. The EBS business unit included the Actional, Apama, FUSE, Savvion, and Sonic products. Ken joined Progress Software when it acquired Object Design/eXcelon Inc. where he served as Vice President, Product Development and Chief Technology Officer.