EDB Update Monitor

EDB Update Monitor

Care free software module management for database administrators.

When you use PostgreSQL from EnterpriseDB you have lots of options for customizing your installation with add-on modules for a variety of features like Geo-Spatial support, to connection poolers, to replication and more. Keeping your modules up to date can be a painful ongoing task by regularly checking for updates. Why not let EDB Update Monitor automatically tell you when updates are available? Update Monitor will tell you when new updates are available just for the modules you've installed.


Product Highlights

  • Easy Installation - Update Monitor is included in StackBuilder which is included in your EnterpriseDB download of PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server. You can install Update Monitor in a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Small Footprint - Update Monitor runs as a system tray utility and notifies you of updates with color changes.
  • Comprehensive - Update Monitor will notify you when there are pending updates to all your installed components including the database server and pgAdmin. You can immediately download and install them or wait till later.
  • Alerts Viewer - An Alerts Viewer notifies you when brand new StackBuilder modules become available so you don't have to continually check. You'll also receive Technical and Security alerts via Update Monitor.


What else can StackBuilder do?

  • On Demand Execution - You can run StackBuilder immediately after installing PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server. Or you can run it anytime you want after your database installation. You decide.
  • Multiple platform support - StackBuilder and its modules are built, packaged and tested for multiple Linux operating systems, Windows, and the Mac. You can develop on Windows or the Mac and then deploy the same software on Linux.
  • Open delivery platform - StackBuilder is an open module delivery platform for Postgres databases. ISVs are encouraged to distribute their PostgreSQL compatible components in StackBuilder. 

StackBuilder modules

To see all the available modules for PostgreSQL or Postgres Plus Advanced Server, just run StackBuilder for yourself and check out the most popular enterprise modules including migration tools, performance tuning, DBA monitoring tools, caching and replication modules, database drivers, web application development stacks, spatial extensions and more.