Postgres Relational Databases Support NoSQL Unstructured Data Types

Postgres Relational Databases Support NoSQL Unstructured Data Types

EnterpriseDB White Paper

Postgres NoSQL: Combining Developer Productivity with Enterprise Data Integrity

NoSQL-only solutions are increasingly being developed to deliver new types of applications faster and respond more directly to new big data issues. NoSQL-only solutions, however, pose a host of challenges, complexities and even serious risks, pitting application developers against database professionals (DBAs).

Postgres solves this dilemma. Advances in NoSQL capabilities alongside longstanding relational database features have given Postgres the ability to support the new unstructured data types and programming methods common to many NoSQL products.

Postgres Plus by EnterpriseDB enables you to combine unstructured data with relational tables, all while maintaining ACID compliance and centralized business processing rules and logic. This white paper details the benefits to using Postgres for building applications with NoSQL technologies, including:

  • Ensuring data integrity with ACID compliance
  • Increasing developer productivity
  • Extending the value of current resources
  • And more