Solutions for Government

Solutions for Government

For government agencies, EDB offers EDB Postgres Advanced Server, an optimized version of the open source PostgreSQL database management system (DBMS). With this solution, agencies can take advantage of the cost savings associated with open source without giving up the monitoring, management, support and training needed in an enterprise-class application. By using EDB Postgres Advanced Server, clients have seen a 50 percent reduction in their database costs without compromising on reliability, performance or support. To speed the transition, EDB can provide agencies with migration assistance, successfully migrating entire platforms in a matter of weeks.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server also provides expanded security features for government agencies, such as auditing, protection against SQL injection attacks and a Virtual Private Database. EDB Postgres Advanced Server is trusted by over 40 customers across the government arena and has been used in databases that support mission-critical systems, from the Federal Aviation Administration to the Department of Defense. Using EDB Postgres Advanced Server, agencies can access the confidence of a world-class database solution at a fraction of the cost.

Database Compatibility for Oracle®

Depending on your role in your organization, there are different aspects to consider when investigating database compatibility. But regardless of what your considerations are, EDB can help you understand the value of moving from Oracle to Postgres, and we can help you do the lifting too! Read More...


Database Migration Assessments

Bundled Database Migration Assessments provide you with a holistic view of your entire organization’s potential cost savings when migrating your Oracle databases to EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

An Database Migration Assessment identifies best-fit candidate applications adn creates a clear strategy to reducing your Oracle costs and decreases implementation risks with an in-depth analysis of your Oracle databases. Taking a measured and planned approve to adopting a secondary database or switching databases is a wise decision. Using a trusted and experienced partner to realize your cost savings quicker is an even wiser decision. Your staff can get the job done faster, more efficiently, with lower costs, and fewer pitfalls when you rely on the database capability experts. Find out in days, not months, the best course to adding choice back into your database deployment decisions.

Download Database Migration Assessment data sheet