EDB Postgres Database Replication Solutions

EDB Postgres Database Replication Solutions

EDB Postgres Advanced Server replication boosts performance, saves money, and much more.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server replication adds robustness to your database infrastructure with improved price/performance, flexible multi-use configurations, and easy to use GUI Console or CLI tools. Use asynchronous near real-time replication to synch your data between EDB Postgres Advanced Server servers or between EDB Postgres Advanced Server and Oracle® servers without degrading the performance of your production systems.

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How can EDB Postgres Advanced Server Replication Help You?

  • Improve OLTP & Reporting Performance:  Replicate key data from your main OLTP server to a low cost EDB Postgres Advanced Server reporting server improving performance for both your transaction times and reporting times!
  • Standby Database Protection:  A single master to one or multiple cascaded slaves allows you to deploy standby databases locally and remotely for disaster recovery configurations.
  • High Availability of Your Data:  Maintain near synchronous backups of your database for failover switching when downtime threatens access to critical information.
  • Run Systems in Parallel:  Replicating data also allows you to migrate data to a new system, or perform testing and proof of concepts of systems with real data.

Powerful Replication Features

  • Replicate Oracle data to EDB Postgres Advanced Server
  • Distributed multi-Publication / Subscription Architecture
  • Synchronize data across geographies
  • Replicate one or more tables and or sequences
  • Controlled switchover and failover
  • Supports cascading replication
  • Trigger based transactional replication
  • Snapshot and continuous modes
  • Define and apply row filters
  • Flexible replication scheduler
  • Replication History Viewer
  • Graphical Replication Console and CLI

Reduce your database license costs with an Oracle compatible replication server to remove reporting loads from your production transaction database.

Additional Replication Assets

  • Slony Replication Training: EDB offers a half day live training on Slony concepts, installation, configuration, and execution. Check out the Slony Training details here!
  • Replication Consulting Services: These well defined service offering helps you plan, configure, and setup your replication system for a variety of purposes. It also includes effective knowledge transfer to your staff to maintain and satisfy your replication needs. Tell me more about your consulting services.
  • The Magic of Streaming Replication and Hot Standby: Spend some time with Bruce Momjian as he discusses a key new feature in this webcast on Streaming Replication in Postgres.