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5 Steps to Simplify and Accelerate Your Oracle to Postgres Migration

Migrating away from legacy databases like Oracle can seem like a daunting undertaking for businesses. But it doesn’t have to be.

For over 15 years, EDB has been migrating databases to Postgres—the most loved and most wanted database in the world according to Stack Overflow's annual developer survey. With EDB’s native Oracle compatibility, you can migrate all your applications to Postgres painlessly.

Follow these five steps for the fastest migration route!

1. Decide

Join 80% of databases on their journey to the cloud, and experience the incredible ROI that these projects achieve.

2. Plan

Prioritize your applications to design the best migration plan possible. This plan will be the backbone of your move.

3. Migrate

Migrate your assets in four simple stages: DB schema, code, and data; interfaces and applications; reports and management tools; and test migration.

4. Optimize

Tune your database, and ensure that all your applications are running, your security is up to snuff, and your teams are empowered to hit the ground running.

5. Cutover

As you wrap up your migration, pay attention to completion of CDC, rollback setup, go/no, and production cutover.

Voila! You’ve completed your migration!

Ready to join the innovators?

At EDB, we’ve seen the difference that Postgres makes for our customers, and perfected the methodology to get you there. You’ll be done before you know it.

Ready to join the innovators?

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