New Application Development

Use Case Details

One of EDB's largest U.S. customers is a major insurance company. This insurance carrier supported its home, life, and auto insurance policy systems on separate applications in a way that prevented customers and brokers from accessing their policies from a single interface. The carrier approached EnterpriseDB® (EDB™) to build an application based on the EDB Postgres Platform that would provide a single point of access for customers and brokers to all of the policies held by an individual. Because customer service is so important to the company, uptime is critical to the application; the application could have no planned outages for technical maintenance and would need to meet a 99.99% availability requirement.

What We Did

EDB Postgres Advanced Server provided the performance and scalability the insurance company needed to support tens of millions of customers and policies. EDB Postgres was deployed to coordinate data stored in multiple data centers. EDB engineers worked with the company to deploy Slony, an open source replication solution, as well as EDB Postgres Replication Server for Multi-Master, to ensure the data stored across multiple locations is synchronized and to ensure the system meets the 99.99% availability requirement. The company now also deploys EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager for administration across the thousands of databases deployed to support the application.