EnterpriseDB is proud to sponsor and work with the best and brightest of the PostgreSQL and general database communities.

Amit Kapila

At EDB, Amit emphasizes database internals and workload management in EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server and is a technical team leader. A 15-year database veteran, Amit has developed deep expertise in PostgreSQL, Oracle®, and in-house in-memory databases.

Andres Freund

Andres is one of the leading contributors in the Postgres community and his work has been influential to advancing the replication, performance and scalability capabilities of Postgres. He joins EDB from Citus Data, Inc., where he was a Developer and Principal Software Engineer for two and a half

Ashesh Vashi

Ashesh works mainly on tools for administration, configuration and monitoring tools for PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server as a Senior Software Architect at EDB.

Bruce Momjian

Bruce Momjian is a co-founder of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, and has worked on PostgreSQL since 1996 as a committer and community leader.

Dave Page

Dave Page is Vice President and Chief Architect, Tools & Installers.

Devrim Gündüz

At EDB, Devrim specializes in clustering, high availability and replication solutions for EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server as well as architecting large-scale deployments for enterprise customers.

Muhammad Usama

Muhammad manages pgpool-II development at EDB and also is a pgpool committer for the PostgreSQL Community. He has made significant contributions to the pgpool project, including its implementation of PostgreSQL memory and exception manager for the multiple releases and other refactorings. 

Robert M. Haas

Robert is a 15-year database industry veteran and has been a major contributor to the PostgreSQL Global Development Group since 2008. He joined EDB in 2010 after spending just over two years with SNiP as Director of Business Engineering. Prior to that he was a Senior Systems Analyst with DynTek.

Thom Brown

As the Engineering Project Manager, Thom coordinates and schedules the project work of the engineering team, manages any escalated issues related to community PostgreSQL and the EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server, and liaises with the support, release, test, and change management teams.