Open Source Databases

Open source databases are based in code that is open source and developed by a community of developers.

Managing Roles with Password Profiles: Part 3
April 16, 2019
New Parameters for Password Profiles Here in this blog, I’ll explain some new parameters for password profiles like PASSWORD_REUSE_TIME,...
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Managing Roles with Password Profiles: Part 2
April 09, 2019
How to Manage a Password: Life Time, Grace Time, and Rules In Part 1 , I have explained how FAILED_LOGIN_ATTEMPTS and PASSWORD_LOCK_TIME can be used...
Why We Should be More Positive about IT Adoption in the Dutch Public Sector
February 15, 2019
*/ The travails of the Dutch public sector and its adoption of IT has long been a topic of discussion in the Netherlands, but an investigation by...
Adoption of Enterprise Open Source Software Within the Public Sector
February 08, 2019
*/ Throughout the public sector, one of today’s most important trends is the adoption of open source software. Thanks to the transparency, security...
Open Source Software in the Enterprise Has Never Been Healthier
January 23, 2019
Recently I spotted a study by Digital Ocean on the adoption of open source that found more than half of developers are contributing to open source...
Amazon's DocumentDB, MongoDB, and TechCrunch
January 17, 2019
Over on TechCrunch, you can find an article posted with the inflammatory title AWS gives open source the middle finger . The premise of the article...
Is DocumentDB really PostgreSQL?
Is DocumentDB Really PostgreSQL?
January 14, 2019
On Thursday I wrote about the new MongoDB compatible DocumentDB from AWS and its potential impact on MongoDB going forward. Following up from that, a...
MongoDB’s New License Model Won’t Save It From Competition With AWS
January 10, 2019
Yesterday, AWS launched Amazon DocumentDB , which they describe as “a fast, scalable, and highly available document database that is designed to be...
Managing Database Security in the Era of Cloud and Automation
December 20, 2018
There has been a lot of talk about database automation in the last six months and how, as if by magic, it will mean companies no longer have to worry...
Is MongoDB Still Open Source?
December 14, 2018
In my role at EDB , I lead the effort to package our software on Debian and I am also the maintainer of the PostgreSQL YUM and ZYPP repositories, so...

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