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Is DocumentDB really PostgreSQL?

Is DocumentDB Really PostgreSQL?

Ken Rugg January 14, 2019

On Thursday I wrote about the new MongoDB compatible DocumentDB from AWS and its potential impact on MongoDB going forward. Following up from that, a...

451 Research: EnterpriseDB sees PostgreSQL Everywhere, Especially in the Cloud


Industry analyst firm, 451 Research, just recently issued a report providing an overview of EnterpriseDB, its history and recent product news...

Toasting Up Large Objects (BLOBs/CLOBs)

Eric McCormack November 27, 2018

Let’s talk TOAST! TOAST stands for The Oversized-Attribute Storage Technique. EDB Postgres and PostgreSQL use a fixed page size (commonly 8 KB), and...

Becoming Inspired at PGConf.EU

Sebastiaan Mannem November 15, 2018

The EDB team recently returned from the 10th Annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe, and I was fortunate enough to participate in this fantastic event...

Build the Essential Skills to Be a Successful PostgreSQL DBA

Philip Hankinson November 5, 2018

Open source databases are becoming an increasingly preferred option for organizations seeking high performance, lower cost alternatives to legacy...

Why You Should Use Postgres Over MySQL For Analytics Purpose

Huy Nguyen October 30, 2018

Being an analytics/reporting product company, we’ve worked with a fair amount of customers who run Postgres/Redshift for their analytics, and the same...

The EDB Team Has Arrived at PGConf.EU 2018

John Dalton 2018年10月24日

PostgreSQL Europe kicked off its 10th Annual PostgreSQL Conference Europe (PGConf.EU 2018) this week in Lisbon, Portugal and I’m thrilled to be...

Perspective on the Release of PostgreSQL 11

Dave Page October 23, 2018

Looking back at recent releases of the PostgreSQL database it is interesting to speculate whether there is an overall theme and if you can tie it to...

Make Some Noise! PostgreSQL 11 is Here!

Ken Rugg October 18, 2018

There is a lot of excitement around today’s release of PostgreSQL 11 – the big annual software update that represents the combined efforts of everyone...

Moving Tablespaces in PostgreSQL

Bruce Momjian October 16, 2018

Tablespaces are designed to allow Postgres clusters to be spread across multiple storage devices. Create tablespace creates a symbolic link in the pg...