EDB Connectors

Supported Connectors

EnterpriseDB supports a wide array of connectors to integrate your application with EDB Postgres. EDB Connectors are available for:

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Learn More About Connectors

For each supported connector, EnterpriseDB offers comprehensive guides, including installation information, details on how to create data source definitions, and reference information that details the supported functionality.

JDBC Connectors

The JDBC Connector (a Type 4 Driver) provides connectivity between a Java application and EDB Postgres Advanced Server. The JDBC connector is written in Java and conforms to Sun's JDK architecture.

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.NET Connectors

The EDB Postgres Advanced Server .NET Connector provides connectivity between a .NET client application and EDB Postgres.

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ODBC Connectors

EDB-ODBC provides connectivity between EDB Postgres Advanced Server and ODBC-compliant applications.

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OCI Connectors

Applications that are written to use the Oracle Call Interface (OCI) may be recompiled using EnterpriseDB's OCI connector to interact with an Advanced Server database server.

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