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Horizontally Scaling Postgres

Scale out your database with build it read scaling, automatic replica failover, elastic scaling of your Postgres cluster and running same Postgres - on premise and in the cloud.

Horizontal Scaling

CDS provides an option to automatically scale out horizontally for read scaling. Adding nodes to an existing cluster for read scalability or adding more storage is as easy as moving a slider.

Instant Provisioning

Instantly Launch database from pre-defined templates covering common configurations for read-scale, production and enterprise use cases. You can also clone a cluster to resemble the same configurations or a new one.

Relational Database

We are Postgres! Therefore we offer relational database features like ACID transactions(durability properties), joins, foreign keys, triggers, materialized views, stored procedure and all the other goodness of Postgres.

Same Postgres Everywhere

Simplify your infrastructure and application by running the same Postgres everywhere - on premises and in the cloud.

Elastic Scaling of Cluster

Scaling the instance size for the CDS Master node and replica nodes (memory, compute, disk storage) is as simple as clicking an icon.

Postgres Experts

EDB is a major contributor to the Postgres community. We develop PostgreSQL product features, contribute code and support the Community’s ongoing open source project needs.

Automated Replica Failover

The CDS cluster manager constantly monitors the state of each cluster. If a replica fails, CDS automatically spins up a new replica instance and attaches it to the master database. The cluster continues operating during the replacement process, with the master servicing writes and reads, and the remaining replicas servicing reads.

Safeguarding With Automated HA

Safeguard your data with Automated Backups, Point in Time Recovery (PITR), Load Balancing, Streaming replication and High availability.


Automated Backups

We continuously protect your database. We have continuous archiving, which means we continuously stream the write-ahead log (WAL). In the event of a complete infrastructure failure, we’ll restore your backup & replay the WAL to the exact moment before your system crashed. You also have complete control over how you want to automate the backup process.

Load Balancing

CDS uses pgPool functionality for automatic load balancing. Load balancing increases system performance by distributing client queries to replica nodes, while routing database modifications to the master node. Any modifications to the master node are subsequently propagated to each replica using Postgres streaming replication.

Point in Time Recovery

We have continuous archiving enabled (you choose), thus point in time recovery enables you to roll back your CDS database cluster to any point to recover lost data. You have complete control over the timeframe that you want to retain this data. Whether it is internal data recovery or recovering inadvertently purged data, we have you covered!


In the face of hardware or software failure of the master node, CDS will automatically spin up a new master or it can take one replica and promote it to become the new master. You have total control over how to configure this automation process.

Automated Monitoring & Developer Friendly Tools

CDS has built-in expertise to monitor database cluster health availability, memory, etc. and sends you automated notifications about important activities related to your cluster.


Automated Notification

CDS send you automated system notifications about important activities and alerts related to your cluster such as Failovers, Scaling, Connection Threshold, Data Threshold, Memory Scale Up, Replica Addition, Account related changes, etc.

Automated Monitoring

We have automated checks in place to monitor your CDS database cluster health and availability, including disk capacity, memory consumption and your cache hit ratio.

Dashboard with Insights

CDS cluster dashboard shares metrics for disc space usage for the master against your defined storage size threshold, Number of connections within a time range, load average and replication lag.

Upgrading with Minimal Downtime

We take care of upgrading the CDS software on the cluster, as well as the underlying Postgres database with minimal downtime. You have complete control over how and when you want to upgrade. Our goal is to help you minimize any downtime.

Extensions Supported

EDB Postgres Advanced Server comes with following extensions: SQL*Protect Index Advisor, SQL Profiler, pldebugger, plperl, plpython, pltcl, clone schema, parallel clone, SSLUtils, PostGIS

Log Integration

Our cloud dashboard shows you the most recent events for each of the nodes in your CDS cluster. To analyze and retain your logs over time, database and pgPool logs can be downloaded directly from the interface.

Migration From Legacy Databases

Our Postgres extension (EDB Postgres Advance Server) comes with built in Oracle® compatibility. Use our free utility to Migrate from Oracle to Postgres in just 3 Steps.


Oracle Migration

Convert your Oracle database schemas and instantly get assessment and feedback on Postgres compatibility. Once the schema’s are available, you can directly export them to spin up a cluster on CDS. You can also download the assessed DDL’s for all objects.

Oracle Compatibility

EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS), provides native database compatibility with Oracle. Native understanding and execution of PL/SQL commands allow streamlined migration without emulation or translation layers. With the EDB Postgres compatibility layer, the required Oracle features are already built in.

Managed Service Along with Technical Support

Managed Postgres service with free basic technical support from an army of certified Postgres Experts.


Save Money


    Move away from expensive Oracle Legacy Database


    Save on high availability (multi-AZ) read replicas for read scaling


    Save money on migration and infrastructure cost.

Managed Postgres Service

Basic Technical support via Postgres Rocks is included with your subscription, delivered by EnterpriseDB’s team of certified Postgres experts. Enterprise Support is also available at an additional cost.

Technical Specifications


    Instance types available: General Purpose, Memory Optimized


    Operating System: CentOS 7


    Including Modules and Extensions: PostGIS, Contrib, SQL/Protect, Index Advisor, SQL Profiler


    Procedural Language Support: PL/PgSQL, PL/ Perl, PL/TCL, PL/Python, PL/Java, PL/V8

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