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    Classes designed for DBAs, Architects , Developers, Data Analysts, and more.


    Postgres expert trainers, with hands-on field experience.


    Delivered on-demand and in-person.


    Certification for industry-acknowledgement of proficiency and the ability to perform effectively.


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事業転換イニシアチブでの役割がどのようなものであっても、EDBはその達成に必要なPostgres トレーニングを提供しています。Postgresを高度に使用できる能力を得るために必要なトレーニングを受け、データベース管理者、技術者、分析者、および開発者向けの効果的なカリキュラムプランとして作られた推奨学習プランを活用してください。


EDB partners with carefully selected training providers around the world to provide quality Postgres educational services. When you choose an EDB Certified Training Partner, you can be confident that you will receive quality instruction from certified professionals, who are experienced using Postgres technology and can help you achieve your training goals.

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We were highly benefited not only by the well organized and planned training material but also by the instructors hands­on experience. He was able to answer our questions with great clarity and also provided real­-time examples that made grasping even better. Everyone in the team felt that they got more than expected from the training.

–Database Architect, Leading Internet Television Network