Early Experience distributions include the core PostgreSQL database, pgAdmin, PL/pgSQL debugger, and StackBuilder built from the latest source code available from each project. As this is latest development code, it has had only the most basic testing and should not be used on production systems under any circumstances. These builds are intended to help you test and evaluate the latest features as soon as possible, and allow you to give feedback to the developers to help further improve the products before they are released.

If you require informal support with these installers, please visit our forums. Please report any problems with the applications themselves to the appropriate project.

PostgreSQL 11.3 has now been released.

Installer Version 11.3 (Language Pack installer is a pre-requisite for plperl, pltcl and plpython3u extensions)


Binaries Version 11.3


LanguagePack Version 11.0



Installation Guide Version 11              LanguagePack Guide Version 11






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