EDB Postgres Migration Toolkit

Quick and easy migration to PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server

EDB’s Migration Toolkit (MTK) is a powerful command-line tool that offers granular control of the process of migrating tables and data from other database management systems to EDB Advanced Server and PostgreSQL.


MTK Supports Migration From

Oracle® Database
SQL Server

See the EDB Postgres Migration Toolkit Guide for the latest supported versions of PostgreSQL, Advanced Server, Oracle, SQL Server, and Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise. See the Database Compatibility for Oracle Developer’s Guide for complete details about the Oracle compatibility features supported in Advanced Server.

The Migration Process

EDB’s migration assessment service is available to assist in identifying potential migration problems.

EDB's Postgres migration tools offer both online and offline migration. Migrate immediately and directly into a Postgres database (online migration), or generate scripts to use at a later time to recreate object definitions in a Postgres database (offline migration).

After a migration to Advanced Server, use Advanced Server's powerful performance tuning utilities. Dynamically adjust database configuration resources with Dynatune. Use Optimizer Hints to direct the query path. Retrieve database statistics with the ANALYZE command.




EDB's Postgres Migration tools offer many options for granular control of the migration process.


    Control and specify batch size


    Filter only rows that meet specific criteria


    Commit row by row, bypass WAL logging to optimize migration


    Change column data types


    Drop the existing schema and create a new one before migration

Other Migration Methods for Oracle®

For a large Oracle® migration into EDB Advanced Server, you can use Advanced Server’s database link feature compatible with Oracle® databases. For BLOB or CLOB data, you can use the dblink_ora style database links instead of the Oracle style database links. These methods use the Oracle® Call Interface (OCI) to connect to Oracle®.