Learn how IT leads can learn how to free up their budget from expensive database investments to subscription-based, cloud ready Postgres offerings.  

IT leaders face ever-increasing challenges to fund and deliver innovative business solutions for better customer and stakeholder engagement. While much of the infrastructure stack has been commoditized, the DBMS remains an expensive and growing drain on IT resources that otherwise could drive innovation.

EnterpriseDBの製品マーケティング担当副社長であるPierre Frickeが、アプリケーションとDBMSをサブスクリプションベースのクラウド対応のEnterpriseDB Postgres製品に転換することで、高価なデータベースからIT投資を解放することができることを実証します。  

Further, learn how the same DBMS used for these traditional workloads with familiar tools and a large skill base can also be used for new applications of engagement, which rely on a wider variety of data including NoSQL, semi-structured along with relational data. 


This presentation is intended for strategic IT and business decision-makers involved in data infrastructure decisions and cost savings. 


Webcast Author: 
Pierre Fricke、プロダクトマーケティング担当副社長