Enterprise Database

Enterprise databases are specifically designed to operate at scale and support high availability, monitoring, disaster recovery and manageability.

PgBouncer Pro Tip: Use auth_user
December 18, 2018
Anyone running a database in a production environment with over a hundred users should seriously consider employing a connection pooler to keep...
Native Data Redaction Capability in EDB Postgres Advanced Server 11
December 11, 2018
Marc Linster has posted a blog, Creating a Data Redaction Capability to Meet GDPR Requirements Using EDB Postgres , to demonstrate data redaction on...
451 Research: EnterpriseDB sees PostgreSQL Everywhere, Especially in the Cloud
December 05, 2018
Industry analyst firm, 451 Research, just recently issued a report providing an overview of EnterpriseDB, its history and recent product news...
Postgres in the Enterprise: Real World Reasons for Adoption
November 30, 2018
My friend and colleague Bruce Momjian recently shared in his presentation “Will Postgres Live Forever?” an overview of reasons why companies adopt...
Toasting Up Large Objects (BLOBs/CLOBs)
November 27, 2018
Let’s talk TOAST! TOAST stands for The Oversized-Attribute Storage Technique. EDB Postgres and PostgreSQL use a fixed page size (commonly 8 KB), and...
The Power of SQL: Even the NoSQL Guys Seem to Be Coming Around
November 21, 2018
SQL will be turning 50 by the end of the decade. For a technology that’s still widely in use today, that’s quite the achievement — but it’s no...
No Time to Waste: Migrate from Oracle to Postgres in Minutes
September 28, 2018
*/ Licensing complexity, rising costs, and audit risk are motivating Oracle customers to jump start their migration efforts to alternative database...
Easily Manage Large-Scale Postgres Deployments On-Premises, Virtualized, or in the Cloud
September 20, 2018
Database administrators need tools for database maintenance, performance optimization, configuration, and highly availability. EnterpriseDB (EDB)...
Enterprise Ready Postgres
Comparing the EDB Postgres Platform and PostgreSQL
September 05, 2018
Choosing a database solution is one of the most important decisions for a company that is rolling out a website or developing a new in-house...
EnterpriseDB becomes a supplier on G Cloud 10 as the UK public sector faces important questions about database adoption in the Cloud
2018년 8월 30일
The rate of adoption of cloud services among central and local government, and other public sector bodies, is clearly on the increase, which is not...

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