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March 5, 2019

Closing the Gap in Relational Databases

The foundation of relational databases began with an experimental system. The core of that system was the basis of the System R research. Today, this research remains the key functionality of modern database technology. The need for concurrency control and scalability built and maintained by the power of the SQL language exists among the most popular databases of choice, such as MySQL, Oracle®, SQL Server, and the popular attention-seeker PostgreSQL. It’s not often that you combine open-source and closed proprietary source databases in the same sentence, especially when you think about the giant or the champion in the database realm known as Oracle. But the contender, PostgreSQL, has a lot of similarities to the champion. In both cases, they are ACID compliant with full transactional logging capabilities. When you add the EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server database, the gap between the champion and the contender starts to close even more. Exploring the quadrants, Gartner appears to recognize that this gap may be closing in the relational database arena.


Easing the Transition to Postgres for an Oracle DBA 

Comparing the two technologies, we look at Oracle Enterprise Edition, including tools, and EDB Postgres Advanced Server, including tools. The comparison allows an Oracle DBA to make an easier transition to the PostgreSQL environment. At first glance, you can immediately notice some overall similarities, especially when it comes to SQL capabilities and application development. It’s intriguing to think of being able to execute familiar SQL or PL/SQL syntax directly in a PostgreSQL database.

Understanding the terminology can often be confusing if you have been accustomed to Oracle for a number of years.

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