The EDB Blog
February 12, 2019

EDB Postgres Replication Server (EPRS) has been re-architected to meet growing data integration challenges and enable fast data movement to meet today’s enterprise high-availability requirements. The major architectural change is the use of Apache Kafka as the data streaming backbone to faciliate data flow across a variety of data sources and targets including traditional databases and non-structured data stores.

In addition to single master and multi master replication configurations, our next generation replication server provides enhanced failover capabilities. The beta release supports PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server.  Support for additional data endpoints like Oracle, MS SQL Server and Hadoop will be included in future releases.

>>EDB Postgres Replication Server 7.0 beta is now available for download.

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Zahid Iqbal is VP of Replication and Migration Tools, and leads the development of EDB Postgres Replication Server. Zahid has been with EDB since 2004, the year the company was founded and been instrumental in the design and development of migration and replication solutions. Prior to EDB, Zahid...